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Rotating sun bed - nudist architecture!

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I read the article "Naked Houses: The Architecture of Nudism and the Rethinking of the American Suburbs" by Sara Schrank. It's a great bite sized article about nudist architecture and its impact on architecture in general. I'd highly recommend it if you are into either architecture or nudism/naturism.

Anyways in the paper she show differens ways that nudists nudyfied their homes, like putting up corrugated plastic seats to heighten their fences. One magical product that was advertised in sunshine and health (the og American nudist mag) was the rotating sun tub. A sun bed with privacy walls that could be folded around. The "tub" could be rotated from within to follow the sun. It's kinda like a fun mix between a sun bed and a carnival ride. Once I have a garden or yard I will definitely weld one up. It looks hilarious and would be a fun build. Although hopefully I won't need the rotating sun tub.

Anyone else care to build one?

Here's the article

It’s a sorry state when you need to make such adjustments


--- Quote from: Fishandchips on March 29, 2022, 08:16:21 pm ---It’s a sorry state when you need to make such adjustments

--- End quote ---

Yeah, but it's also a interesting piece of architecture and a evidence of the ingenuity that sprouts in restriction

blank radar:
first a rotating sun, now a rotating sun bed??? what a wonderful world


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