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Your most hated team!

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For those of us who follow and love sports, I'm sure we all have teams that we love and follow loyally.  But as sports go, there is always a team (or teams) that your team has a heated rivalry with and as a fan of your team, you love nothing more than seeing your team win over that team(s).  So the topic of discussion here is(hopefully without trying to attack one another because someone hates your beloved team), who is the team(s) that you love seeing lose and perhaps causes your blood to boil at the sheer thought of?

Here's mine:

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers
NFL:  Seattle Seahawks (Los Angeles Rams coming into the rear view mirror)
NBA:  Los Angeles Lakers
NHL:  Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks (Tie)
Premier League:  Manchester United

Most hated team…lol the ones I’m supposed to be supporting. England and Newcastle United

I’m from Boston so..,

MLB: New York Yankees

NBA: LA Lakers

NFL: Indianapolis Colts

NHL: Apparently Montreal Canadiens, but I didn’t know that.

Yankees is definitely the strongest though. Don’t root for the Yankees in Boston.

Premier League: Manchester United
Italian Serie A: Juventus FC
Spanish La Liga: Real Madrid

I guess you know what similarity they have.

As an Irishman, I must legally say England. No matter the sport, you must root for England to lose


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