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Where's the Hoff


Good evening everyone,

as long-term members are probably aware, today is the day where we celebrate our annual Hoff Appreciation Day. Of course we invited the Hoff, but when we were looking around for him last morning, he was nowhere to be found.

We pretty much spent all day scouring the world for the man, we cannot have Hoff Appreciation Day without the Hoff. But despite all our searching, no trace of the man. Luckily, we know he drives a fairly distinctive car. So just follow that red light bar and it will eventually lead us to our mascot.

Well... Instead we found these guys:

They told us that the Hoff is sorry he could not make it in time for our celebration. And they felt it was important we do not get distracted by those demons. Even if they are dressed in such a scandalous way... almost fully clothed.


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