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Nude girl in a film from universal studios tour


So the title doesn’t make sense but let me try to explain. I recently went to universal studios Hollywood. While on the tour they mentioned to us about a pond they use to film like river movies and etc. They then showed clips of older movies that have filmed here and I wasn’t paying attention cause I’ve been on this tour few times. But when I glanced at the screen I see what maybe looked like a 30s-40s black and white film where did just see a bunch of men picking up a nude girl to their boat. Thing was it was too late to see the title of the movie. Was hoping maybe anyone who’s been in the tour recently has seen it and caught the titles

Interesting find! I've been on the tour in the Hollywood park, but didn't spot that. Really surprising they dare to show it in a family park, knowing how ridiculously prudish the average American family is.

Well they didn’t exactly show nude but like a glimpse of just her butt.


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