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Do you have many productive hobbies?

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By that I mean, do you have many hobbies where you have something physical to hold, and say that you made, when you're finished? There's nothing wrong with consumptive hobbies, like reading, watching tv or playing video games, but being able to develop your skill and make something that you can use is a special feeling.

I cook a lot, and I've improved a lot at cooking in this past year since I moved out of my parents' house. I also bake occasionally and try, every so often, to write fiction. I used to do woodwork in school, and I'd like to return to that some day. I also want to take up gardening, although I don't have a garden lol

I've been writing my own fantasy world. I haven't in a little while just because I was taking a break from it. But I'll get back to it eventually.

Shiden Kai San:
I started a YT channel about an interest for fun.    It's a hobby that morphed into a meaningful income stream, in spite of my efforts to simply keep it as a fun side gig.

Nah not so much any more. Used to have 00 gauge railway but since moving in 2008 I’ve had no space to do anymore and everything is packed in boxes. I’ve got stuff from the 80s-2008 ish and my dads dublo stuff along with a few things I’ve bought.

Interested Nudist:
I got a youtube channel going on. I used to make a mod for a video game but I haven't worked on it in a while.
and idk if this really counts as a hobby but I am in the process of starting my business. I guess that's not really a hobby but more of a hustle.


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