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Do you have many productive hobbies?

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I like making clothes, embroidery, language learning, music, and historical re-enactment (including fighting)

Cooking, I guess. Otherwise, definitely photography! I used to work as a photographer and if I'm all well I'm going to take pictures for a magazine this fall :)

i do have a couple. I've been learning the guitar recently which is a lot of fun, especially when you get down a tone, its so cool.

i also do a lot of weightlifting. I have a good setup at home with some decent weight so i can do a lot of exercises, but cant do deadlifts. mainly because i dont want to damage my floor and dont want to fork out a lot of money for a deadlift platform and also because i dont have enough weight to do it.

i suppose this is a bit of a "consumption habit" but i like learning things, im doing a mathematics degree currently and quite enjoy learning about complex things. and some of the things i learn are applied but some remain just a cool thing you can tell someone about at a party when the small talk ends.

i actually do some woodwork. i dont do it often but quite a few times ive had to DIY something so i can do a new kind of exercise. for example i recently created a little L shape wooden panel (just a small one) to fit in a corner of a room so i shove one end of a barbell against it and attach weights on the other end. then lift up the bar on the end with the weights and do T bar rows. The L panel helps protect the skirting from damage as the end of the bar would continuously scrape against it. the floor is carpet so it doesnt scrape it anyway

I very casually do computer stuff like modding and simple programming. I'm also a huge gun guy but the laws of my country kind of prevent me from doing too much in that direction right now lol.

I don’t really have any hobbies, despite having tried for years to come up with something.


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