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Do you have many productive hobbies?

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I love to sew (even more so since I got a computerized sewing machine)!
I usually sew shirts for myself (not T-shirts, more like business shirts) or dresses for my niece who is four. It's so much fun to use unicorn cloth and lace - which I never use for myself (well...except for the unicorn cloth that changes colour in the sun...).
It's all self-taught, and every other project I'm trying something new to learn something new.
My grand project will be a suit for myself for graduation day next year.
I've also done a Rockabilly dress for my sister.

It's easy to find normal business shirts in my size, but if you want to have something different, it's impossible; that's where it comes in very handy.
It all started a few years back with knitting, as there weren't nice, fitting hats for my large skull.

I also keep bees, so I am harvesting my own honey :)

I have a lot of hobbies, lately I've been very busy and I find cooking relaxes me and its rewarding when it turns out well

It's just too hot for me to do cycling at the moment. Should be good to go in a couple of months or so.

I love making things and fixing things.

At the moment we are turning a bedroom into a dedicated cinema room so we are doing lots of construction on that.

Other than cooking, which I do more as a necessity rather than hobby, not really atm. Used to do vocal practice (regular speech, not singing) and I was really consistent about working out, but those are on a pause. Going to try easing back into working out as my body adapts to my new with schedule


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