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It says p.1 and i have not found the p.2, but this one covers a lot from the very beginning to our times.

I don't know if this has been shared before, if so, i'm sorry u.u

Also, anyone else getting Michael Rooker vibes from the dude?  :laughing

Hmm interesting… we’ll have to keep an eye if for p2 if it exists

According to when it was posted to Vimeo, it is two months old.  Perhaps Pt 2 is in the works?

The video is from our natural life:

And it is posted on July 15 2020
And here is what they state two years ago on comments:
There is hope! And...I promise part 2 is still coming. I got side tracked with work and some busy-body housework projects that had to get done quickly.

There has been two other posts since then, but since august 2021 it has been silence.
But they have irregular posting, so let's see when they resurface. (It took Dan two years)

For the rest, they have made some shortcuts of history (but otherwise the video would have been very, very long).
And I just adore how they are trying to pronounce fkk. So cute. (and ok slighty anoying :D)



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