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So this bloody show, bless my icy heart.

This might be one of the cutest shows I've ever seen, and so happy to see so much well written representation

Also confirmed for 2 more seasons... rightfully so

Thoughts on the show?
Has anyone else read the graphic novels?

Season 2 is gonna be getting dark...

watched it all in a day lmao so it can’t have been that bad - i enjoyed it tbh

I loved this series!  :smiley:

Like @kingsalah05 , I watched it within one day too. I loved every second of it, though some things may be cliché, it's the representation the LGBTQ+ community needs.

I've watched this show three times in it's entirety. Bought some books. Visited the pop-up display of Charlie's room in London. This show did wonders for my inner child.


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