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Lokrum Island near Dubrovnik


This a short review for the nudist beach of Dubrovnik that I visited a few days ago. (Probably the only nudist beach of Dubrovnik)

It's not a beach, only lot of big rocks. You can enter the sea on some iron ladders. Moving on the rocks can be dangerous as there are big gaps between them.
There's an official sign at the start of the beach that this is a nudist (FKK) beach and there is a public shower right at the beginning of the"beach", but water tap with drinking water is only closer to the port (near the toilets).
Too many tourist boats and kayaks sailing close the rocks and staring at the shore.
The only way to get there is the expensive shuttle boat by the Lokrum nature park, for 200 HRK return (price in July 2022. However, 20-30% discount if you buy a Dubrovnik Pass)
It's okay if you visit the island and want to cool down also in the sea, but I wouldn't recommend it for staying there for hours.

Looks beautiful with that blue water. Despite the rocks I hope it’s a place you enjoy visiting

Here a few more pictures

I take it the guys in the boats didn’t fuss about seeing you then?

awesome thanks for posting, i'm visting dubrovinik in a couple of weeks so great to have that info, although a shame theres not more nudist options nearby!


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