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Guys and embroidery


Hi all,

Are there any guys here who have taken a liking to embroidery or similar hobbies?  I've really taken to cross stitch lately, though I have issues finding masculine patterns, especially ones that aren't too simple.

Actually in school I did a bit cross stitching but basic and some tie dye . Later years I tried a bit of basic tapestry, peg weaving and felting.

I embroider sometimes. Not often but sometimes

I took up Cross Stitch last year as a way of relaxing. Etsy is by far your best bet for patterns, along with r/CrossStitch on Reddit or any of the related nerd-stitch ones. There are also a handy few programs out there (as well as people on Etsy/Fiverr) who can create stitching templates from pretty much anything you want for a small fee. :)

Infinity Biscuit:
pixel art with a small colour palette (so everything old and a lot that's new) is a bountiful source of patterns to use. computer backgrounds from the late 80s/early 90s have a lot of variety to choose from outside of the video game mold, if you aren't looking for video game related stuff at all.


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