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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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I will not lie, I'm vey excited for Scarlet and Violet. I will not be mentioning any leaks or rumors in here just in case anyone reading wants to avoid it though.

The fact that versions are differing more than just exclusive species is nice. The fact that it's not only the academy and uniform, but also the professor, is interesting. It's not much, but it's a start. Although, who knows, we might find many more differences between the two once the games release.

The Pokémon we've seen so far remind me of many different generations, honestly. I also feel like they're some of the most diverse designs too, in terms of who may have designed them. They feel like multiple artists are behind them. It's nice and I'm particularly excited for Fuecoco and Greavard.

The character designs are also pretty nice, aside from Jacq in my opinion. The 3D renditions of the characters do feel a little jarring when compared to the artwork though, as the artwork is very much more flat and smooth feeling compared to the very detailed models to match GO's style. The only complaints I have with how some look in 3D so far are how Brassius's eyes are darker in his art but the centers are turned white on the model, Turo's beard feels much less full on the model, and Jacq feels almost like his model was made for Pokémon GO but then his official artwork was made to reimagine him in a traditional Pokémon style.

The music is amazing, especially with Toby Fox helping more and being a little more subtle this time. The GUI and menus look simple and clean, which is nice, but also lacking in flair from what I see currently.

Lastly, the trio of story options with it confirmed you can do them in any order, all at the same time, truly however you want... That's amazing and exciting. I'm extremely excited for the Path of Legends!

Actually last thing I'll say is I hope this is the generation where you can finally dress for the beach. I wanna have a trainer in flip flops and swimming trunks without a shirt, have ever since I was a kid so I could be a water-type trainer.

I can't wait! Wooper is my favourite Pokemon and I can' wait to use the new regional variant, and the open world is very intriguing. I hope the game is balanced properly to deal with it, so you won't be walking into gyms out of order with Pokemon overlevelled, but I guess we'll see when it comes out. I also like a lot of the new pokemon designs, and I'll definitely be having Fuecoco as my starter - I love Pokemon that just are just a massive mouth on legs.

Is this the new one coming out? If so my brother is very excited to get it! I’ll watch from the sidelines and maybe update with my thoughts lmaoo


--- Quote from: Jennaked07 on November 06, 2022, 12:39:57 pm ---Is this the new one coming out? If so my brother is very excited to get it! I’ll watch from the sidelines and maybe update with my thoughts lmaoo

--- End quote ---
Yeah, this one will be out Friday 18.


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