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Bolita Rainforest Hostel


I’ve been looking recently at places I can travel to next year and I came across Bolita Rainforest Hostel.

Bolita is located on 61 hectares in the rainforest  in Costa Rica. To get to it there is a 30 min steep hike through the rainforest. The hostel itself is quite barebones with no electricity and only basic facilities.

One of the good things about Bolita is that it has it’s own private trails, rivers and 4 waterfalls. It seems like the perfect hostel for being in nature and animal spotting.

What makes Bolita so interesting is that they have a clothing optional policy. Which means you can be naked in the hostel and on their trails.

Their website is: and they are also on (But I believe they are closed from September - December).

Has anyone heard of or been to this hostel?

Mr S:
It looks really interesting. I am actually surprised that something like that is in a latin american country! I would love to visit that place sometime.

That looks pretty good, peaceful. I hope you make it


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