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Splatoon 3 has been out, thoughts?


Platoon 3 has been a really great experience so far, but they do need to work on the stability of their servers and also some things need buffs IMO. The Zipcaster feels very weak because it has no armor and the angle shooter definitely needs some kind of buff. I'm excited for them to add weapons soon but what are y'all's opinions on the game so far?

Infinity Biscuit:
stability seems better than it often was in splatoons 1 and 2 at least for me, but that's not exactly a high bar...

I'm just so happy they finally let you hang out w friends in everyday matches now. everyday turf war gets team mode and salmon run is every day. I only play this game with friends so that is huge for me

Pretty fun although some weapons are very annoying. Once I reached A+ I took a break to play Persona 5 but I'll probably try to get to S later on this month

Infinity Biscuit:

I think I might like it


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