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Hello From Wisconsin!

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Hello My name is Evan Aulik, I am 17 years old, in the 11th grade and live in Delafield Wisconsin.

I am new to naturism, i have only done it for about a year now. Only in my bedroom however. My parents don't approve of the lifestyle however. My goal is to meet more people my age from my area and hopefully one day arrange a meet up

My interests are Guiding Light,Young and the Restless,General Hospital, Ragtime,Player Piano rolls,Music from the 1920s,Lefton Figurines,Antiques,Musicals,Singing,Parties, and spending time with other people.

I hope to get to know y'all real well!


 :welcome Evan,, were glad u found us.. this is a good place I think u will like it here..  Good luck

Hello and welcome to IYNO! Sorry to hear your parents dont approve this, I dont see nothing bad in naturism, only good :)  :welcome2

Welcome, and hope you'll find ways to explore the world of naturism anyway.

Welcomeee !!!


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