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Hi everyone! Any fellow home brewers on this forum? I got into making beer from a small kit 5-6 years ago that’s evolved into brew-in-a-bag method with pullies and a dedicated brew station.

I’m curious to see anybody else’s setup if they brew as well. I’m interested in starting to make wine or meads

I've done some brewing from kits, nothing proper. But I've always been interested in brewing beer. Looking at buying a smaller proper starter kit. But i don't have any room in my apartment. Hopefully I'll move soon though.

I have a friend who has bees and made mead, he brought it to a party and it was disgusting. Very fun project though.

I did my first home brewing stuff on the porch of my apartment. I just asked my neighbors if it was okay. I had a large kettle with a propane cooker since the stove would have taken hours. Or you could do small batches on your stove. My apartment was TINY.

Thought this was referring to DND. Got excited.


--- Quote from: Redfrigginriot on December 19, 2022, 12:02:55 am ---Thought this was referring to DND. Got excited.

--- End quote ---
This cracked me up. I wound say a good home brew campaign is as harder than a home brew beer!


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