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What’s your favorite game of all time

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Favorite "classic" series is definitely Metal Gear Solid.  Those will always be special games to me.

Favorite "modern" series is the Souls series.  Super challenging games, but super satisfying to overcome the challenges.

For me, that is hard to really pin down because I have played countless video games that I consider true classics and bests of all time in their own regard.  If I must choose one, it is the one game I have played about 11,645 times (just a rough estimate) in the last 11 years since it came out and it's Skyrim.

For sure Chrono Cross <3

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

I love pretty much everything in the game, the world, the story, and I am very much waiting for the next gen update on December.

Mine would probably be Minecraft or Red dead 2 I cant decide both are amazing


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