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What’s your favorite game of all time

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--- Quote from: Esh on November 05, 2022, 01:10:24 am ---
--- Quote from: Cba6453 on November 02, 2022, 08:38:40 pm ---I used to really be into gaming but have stopped recently. I’m looking to get back into it and am interested to hear of some of your favorite games!

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need for speed most wanted 2005 for sure.

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That's a very good one and I'm surprised about your choice given your age. I'd probably put 2005 NSF MW into my all-time top3, but I have no doubts about my fav one and it's GTA San Andreas. I doubt any game might change it

GTA 5 by far. I just started getting into Skyrim on my PC. I love an open and living world

Of all time? Hard to say since my preferences change all the time.

I just got into core keeper, a new open world survival game similar to terraria so that's pretty cool

Terraria minecart Fortnite valorant Roblox Osu Spelunky Stardew valley Undertale deltarune Friday night funkin FNAF genshin impact and many others idk I just can't choose one

My all time favorite is the first Dark Souls. Really humbling at first but the journey is totally worth the struggle. I don't know how many playthroughs I have had until now but I played it for over 1,000 hours across xbox 360, PC and switch.

Cs:go all the way. Looking for new games though. But most games I just play for a while, then stop. Cs:go has been my goto game for like 5 years


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