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Tumblr welcomes back nudity

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It appears that news shows that website Tumblr is going to be allowing nudity, but not porn, back on it's website 5 years after it's total ban which caused user to flee and devalue the company.

I remember that Tumblr was one of the first websites that showed me nudism/naturism back when I was exploring it on the internet. It being a primary image base website did show a lot of naked people and there were a more pictures of naked women than men, but most of it was a beautiful (and maybe imagery) vision of what I thought being nude in nature was about (a discussion regarding nude imagery of nudism is a different discussion). Unfortunately the more you explored the site, the closest you would get to finding porn, either people associating nudity with porn or just straight up porn. But there were still some good blogs on there.

The new rules seem to imply that non-sexual deceptions of nudity will be allow as long as they are labeled as mature (being than nothing I guess). Nudism/naturism should in theory be included but you know how past social media sites are towards nudism/naturism with the banning situation.

So what do you all think of this? Will you be making your own content/going to the site? Have you had past experience with Tumblr?
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Gonna be hard to draw a line

Infinity Biscuit:
there's been nudity on tumblr the whole time that presumably just never got reported, but I definitely have seen an uptick since the policy change

in the past it's always been, from the corner I ended up finding, like 70% nude art modeling and 30% ppl who just happen to be nude taking selfies and such. probably bc I was self-selecting content I searched but I didn't see almost any porn or porn-adjacent stuff, so you definitely could avoid it. hard to say what it's going to be like until the dust of the new change has had a chance to settle tho

tumblr's lack of a nudity policy back in the day did actually help me a lot with feeling less alienated w the world. I think having to have something labeled Mature is gonna pull away from that, but also I guess we'll see

That's refreshing to hear.

I had a naturist themed blog on there for quite some time, which got deactivated for "adult content" when they switched policies a while back.  Never posted anything pornographic, just tasteful nudity and naturist nudist content.  Tried appealing it but to no avail.

I actually recently started version 2 of a naturist blog on Tumblr, more or less as an experiment to see how long it'll last before being deactivated again.  And also to give the bird to them in general.  Sounds like with the updated policy, it might have a chance to stay around a while.

Let’s see how long it lasts before they either ban it again or allow porn again.


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