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Cala nudista de la Vinyeta - beach review


Cala nudista de la Vinyeta is a clothing optional beach just north of Barcelona.

We were there in late june 2022. The weather was clear and hot. very hot.


The beach consists of three coves. The northern cove has a restaurant and was a more textile beach, although some people were nude. The middle cove is way smaller and more intimate. That part is the most nude, but can become un-nude if the first people there are chloted haha. The southmost cove was clothing optional and a mix, seemed like the nudies hung out on the north side of that cove.

We were arrived at the evening, finding parking was hard but we got lucky. We walked trought the three coves and decided on the middle cove f0r the night. We chilled there for a while. I swam a bit, but the waves were crazy so it was a bit difficult. My So opted out. There was another young couple there (i think that's maybe why we deciced in that cove). They where chloing optional haha, one second the dude was naked, and the girl topless, then he wore swiming wants the next second, and then just a shirt and all that. Very strange, they seemed like "free spirits" which is nice, but we didn't interact with them.

The sun went down fast and the air got a bit colder so we left the beach to eat dinner in our van.

The next morning we went down to the beach again to eat breakfast. Once again we decided on the middle cove. It was cozier. We were there first and some other nude bathers came by later. We left by lunch.

All in all, nice beach, very casual and uncomplicated between textiles and nude folks. Nice to have the three coves. I'd recommend it if you're in Barcelona, not something I'd go to just for the sake of it.

I'll attach one a picture from the beach and one from above while enjoying a cigar and wine (neither was very good)

This looks so beautifull 😃


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