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Plage Naturiste de La Maïre Beach review


Plage Naturiste de La Maïre is a naturist part of a large long beach. It's right next to a small naturist camping. We didn't visit the camping.

The weather was incredibly warm and I burnt myself badly that day. There was no wind so it was cooking. The sand was burning so you had to book it to the water every 15 minutes.
The beach is right south of Beziers, a quaint village.


There was a large parking, then a nice walk through the dunes to the beach. Here, a hiking trail through the dunes also started. It had some nice signs explaining the local wildlife.

The beach was quite crowded, with a good distribution of ages and sexes. We were there on a weekend, so that's probably why.  Something that's nice in my opinion. Almost everyone at the nude beach was nude. Just some teenage girl with her grandparents who had a bikini (that I saw, we couldn't move much apart from our place and the water). Very nice beach, but the water was surprisingly cold. For being next to a city and a naturist camping, the beach was very nice and not overcrowded. I would definitely recommend the beach, it's south facing, so sun all day. Close to Beziers, a town that's worth a visit. And a good age distribution.

Top teir beach, maybe a bit too small. Also its life guarded so that's good!.


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