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Chainsaw Man

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Have you seen Chainsaw Man? Its about a man who can turn into a chainsaw. Its awesome.

Seriously though, I watched the anime when it came out and it hooked me. The animation is stunning, every episode has movie level visuals. Its not just the fight scenes that look great, its also the backgrounds, walking animations, cinematography, and so on. Watching Aki go about his daily routine is amazing because it's so lovingly rendered. There's also an amazing opening and a unique ending for every episode. I think its one of the best adaptations I've ever seen, and its kind of ruined watching other anime where the animation standards are much lower.

And that's not saying anything of the story. Its so gripping that after I watched the 12 episodes that have currently been animated, I read the entire manga, which is 116 chapters, in one day, and its become one of my favorite manga ever. I don't want to spoil anything but its one of the best pieces of shonen I've ever read.

You should come to our club. We’re all chainsaw men… dying trees beware! 😈

The manga was great definite top 5 in my book

Yes my favorite anime of the season, the animation looks so cool and I like all the different songs

Good anime, but only this. Its mostly next generic-shounen. Chainsaw Man plus is showing guy wchich is no perfect, he hasn't very strong powers wchich killing everybody which he want xD And the main character is an ordinary guy who wants sadwich and boobs :x

But i said - its mostly typical shounen


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