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Most of the comments are what you'd expect to hear from the average person. Some worry about kids seeing a naked man, some "It's always the ones you never want to see naked!", some want to bring out paintball guns...only a few are slightly more open-minded about nudity but agree that it's too much. Well, it's the law after all. You could piss off every person in your neighborhood if you wanted to but not commit a single crime. Funny though, in this case his neighbors were all supportive except for the government (officers).

Original article:

Overall, my thinking is that, from reading from this one story, this is a good article about a naturist, who lived according to his values and did so by following the letter of the law while doing it. He fought when his actions were mislabeled, or twisted, as 'obscene exhibitionism' and won his case. The worst thing in this would have been passive compliance
and ending up paying the fines.

It is not an easy thing to live an alternative lifestyle, but this man showed a good example of how to live it with courage and conviction.
I am inclined to see his way of handling things rather inspirational, thinking about the qualities I wish I would have more in myself and possibly in the members of the naturist community as a whole.

Comments below the article are rather extreme, but nothing new under the sun. I don't think the comment sections is the most constructive medium to have actual discussion about anything.


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