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Upcoming changes; save your bookmarks and message attachments!


Hey wonderful naturist community,

Some of you have only discovered our website this past month, while others might fondly remember the birth of IYNO nearly 14 years ago. In just a couple of years, our very own forum can take its drivers exam! They grow up quick don't they :laugh:. While the digital world around us has slowly evolved in those years, the forum software running this website hasn't quite moved along. From quirks when visiting the website on your phone to certain bits just no longer working the way they used to, the age of our technology is really starting to show. Even more so to us younglings who are used to everything being a responsive app nowadays.

Well, the staff team is working behind-the-scenes to prepare a complete refurbishment of the technical side of the website. The forum you know and love is not going anywhere, but its features will be upgraded and our layout will be modernized to better fit the modern age. We are making sure that the website will fundamentally work the same way it does currently, so that the upgrade will be advantageous to everyone!

Besides our wonderful team of volunteering staff, a lot of our forum software modifications have been built by kind developers offering their work to the internet. Some of these plugins and modifications are no longer maintained or are implemented differently by the upgraded forum software. Because of this, we are preparing you long in advance by telling you which points of data will become inaccessible by the forum upgrade.

The forum offers a bookmarks button allowing you to save posts, that will add them to the "My Bookmarks" page accessed through the site menu.
We are currently using a community-made plugin to add this feature to the website, and this plugin will need to be removed. We will be adding a new way of adding bookmarks to the website in the future, but all existing bookmarks will be lost.
If you have used this feature to store important posts and topics, and want to retain these moving forward, please save the URL's to your PC or make a screenshot so that you can recall the posts after the forum upgrade.

Private Message Attachments
A feature that isn't heavily used and not available to everyone, is the ability to attach files and images to private messages. The plugin for this will need to be removed, and we will need to remove existing attachments from our server for privacy and security reasons. This means that attachments currently stored in your message inbox will be removed. If you have any important files you want to keep, please save them to your computer and keep them safe.

This is just a heads-up we're giving you in advance of the upgrade. Once we have a definitive date of when these features will become unavailable, we will write another post informing you all about it  :azn:

I've opened a discussion topic where we can freely discuss and ask questions about the changes:



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