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Upcoming forum upgrade: ideas and discussion

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Hey community! Based on the upcoming forum upgrade announcement I posted earlier, I'm opening this discussion to openly talk about the upgrade process.

In short, we're looking for ideas and feedback on existing and potentially new features for the forum. If you have any quirks that are currently bothering you, now would be the perfect moment to share them! This community is our shared village after all  :wink:

If you have any specific questions, we will try to answer them too.  :cheesy:

If I come on and see the new topics and I intend to check one out and reply later it disappears. It doesn’t show later on in ‘show new replies to your posts’ because I hadn’t posted on it. I somehow accidentally stumbled on an option to view ‘All unread topics’ a while back but haven’t been able to find it on the site since. I’ve got is saved to bookmarks so I don’t loose it though but could the function be added under unread posts and unread replies?

This is the url;all;start=0

The link is at the botzom of the unread page. I tend to use the "latest post" feed myself:;start=0

To clarify the location Delta mentioned:

It's a bit hidden away currently. Perhaps we can add a menu option for it in the new layout :cheesy:

A more streamlined mailbox that's more mobile-friendly.  For examples, when viewing my messages, I have to rotate my phone to landscape orientation to have everything appear properly.  It's a small tweak, but it would make messaging easier.

Some new profile features?  Not to make it look like a dating site by any means, but maybe the option to add more than a tiny profile photo (or multiple photos), and a short Q&A section related to the person's experience with naturism.  I often find myself reading through a post, and I'll see someone's post (or reply), but then I'll find myself trying to remember "was this person raised a nudist from birth, or how did they get into it"?  And the only way to figure that out is to dig through their post history, or look to see if they have an AMA topic somewhere.

Granted, many users would probably not fill it out even if it was there, but just an idea to get the ball rolling.


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