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John Wick 4

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Has anyone seen it? Did you like the film?

I've not seen any of them. But I do kinda want to see it because Rina Sawayama is in it and I like her music and she seems cool.


--- Quote from: TRENCH on March 31, 2023, 02:21:42 pm ---Has anyone seen it? Did you like the film?

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Ive seen it but I am not the biggest fan. Bit too much action, too less of a story I thought. Liked the first one better. But I also think lots of people will love it

I've seen it.  Not a big fan tho.  I find it kind of exhausting that with all the guns it still boils down to grappling every time. 

Its got Clancy Brown in it tho so that was cool

In case you haven't seen it I'm not gonna ruin it, but I like it :).
Online your read a lot of negative comments because it is even more action packed than the previous 3 films but it's awesome, no need for all these complicated storylines, just a sit back and relax action movie ;).


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