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Happy April. Thanks for enjoying our little joke this year. Changes are coming, but they will not be as drastic as they are described in this article. No drastic changes to the site's organization. Happily, no TN merger or swinging sister site. Sadly, no ceremonial Hoff stripping either. Stay tuned for actual news.
Dear community members,

this site has now existed for 14 years. The user accounts of some of our early members are pretty much old enough to register for their own user accounts - how is that for accountception? But times are changing - compared to 2009, forums have become a dying breed as large social media platforms have taken over the internet, abd we were no longer confident that this format was the right choice for the youth of tomorrow. @Wesley already announced that there will be some changes made, and today it has fallen onto me to explain a bit more about what those changes will look like.

We recognize social media are the future. More than that, they are the present. People do not like to talk on topics anymore, they just want to spread their thoughts and looks out to the world. Which is why for the past weeks we have been discussing a merger with what is perhaps the largest social media outlet for the naturist community, TrueNudists. The benefits are obvious - more inclusive membership, less restrictive policies on stuff like cam chat, and much greater visibility for all the nude photos you might be taking.

But wait! There's more. We cannot guarantee anything yet, but there might be a home for aged-out members soon. A TrueNudists partnership would create some purpose for an 18+ sister community. And with the higher minimum age, a higher maximum age would be a logical consequence. Members who age out of IYNO would be recommended to that site. As Cap d'Agde taught us long ago, plain old naturism gets boring after a while. The idea of strictly non-sexual nudity just does not fit into this sexually liberated age. In order for a nude venue to survive in this day and age, it might be family friendly naturism by day, but nightlife needs something more... spicy. Our friends at TrueNudists have TrueSwingers, maybe something similar could be in store for us. And if you are not a swinger? No problem, if swingers can invade naturist places, naturists invading swinging places is fair game.

To celebrate the upcoming merger when it happens, a launch party will be held at Heliopolis in Cap d'Agde. And there will be a celebrity guest to celebrate with us. And with that, there is a chance for you to win. Post a reply that includes the keyword "Hoff", and you might be the one who gets to take off our hero's iconic red Baywatch shorts and take them home as a souvenir.

Disclaimer: Sweepstakes void for IYNO staff, IYNO members and their friends and families. All trademarks belong to their respective owners. This message has not been endorsed or approved by TrueNudists, TrueSwingers, Heliopolis, or indeed International Young Naturists Organization itself. This message does not express the views of any IYNO staff member. Seriously, that stuff about non-sexual naturism having no future is pretty much the opposite of our beliefs. Look at the calendar date to verify the validity of this message. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely intentional.


Well played Delta, well played.

Happy 1st April=? :thinking: :rotfl2:

Huh I can't find this new community!
*checks date*
...ohhh  :laughcrying:


--- Quote from: Wesley on April 01, 2023, 05:37:31 pm ---Huh I can't find this new community!
*checks date*
...ohhh  :laughcrying:

--- End quote ---

I was going along with it and then as soon as I saw true nudists mentioned, it hit me like a ton of bricks lol.


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