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Back after a long hiatus

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Greetings, everyone!

I joined IYNO over seven years ago (hard to believe) and haven't been very active for the last six or so. Today I hope to change that.

Due to living with non-naturists, I'm mostly a bedroom/backyard naturist. But, I've been blessed to skinny dip several times, visit a co-ed nude spa/sauna on a trip to Germany, and visit a naturist resort in Indiana, USA.

As I work on improving my career and eventually having a place of my own, I plan to check out the naturist resorts in my area (North Texas) and take more trips to naturist resorts and nude beaches. Hopefully I'll find a like-minded girlfriend/wife who will want to join me in this, or at least live the lifestyle at home as much as possible.

Looking forward to meeting y'all and enjoying the community!


Welcome back

Welcome. It would be great to know about your experience in Germany and Illinois

WB Greatings from Germany :D

Thanks, guys!

--- Quote from: froooty on June 19, 2023, 01:52:48 am ---Welcome. It would be great to know about your experience in Germany and Illinois

--- End quote ---

Germany: I'd wanted to go to Europe for a long time, so eventually saved enough money and vacation time to spend 2 weeks backpacking from city to city. I was a naturist at the time but it seemed like most FKK spots required a car to get to, and I was traveling by rail and S-Bahn. I discovered an FKK spa/sauna in Berlin within walking distance of my hotel, so I spent an evening there. It was my first "public" nude experience, and the reality of it hit me when a completely nude young lady walked into the locker room and started dressing right next to me. I braved a 95 C sauna sitting almost thigh-to-thigh with the other guests and then spent a long time cooling off in the pool afterwards. My only regret was that I didn't stay longer, or go back.

Indiana (not Illinois, but next door  :wink:): I was between jobs and a naturist friend I've kept in touch with on another forum invited me on a road trip to the Midwest. We met up and, during our travels, spent a weekend at Drakes Ridge in southeastern Indiana. Whereas I didn't really socialize at the German spa, I did quite a bit at this resort. Everyone was super friendly, like a family almost. We pitched in cooking group meals (breakfast and dinner), enjoyed campfires, and shot the breeze. No regrets on this visit.


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