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welcome to the forum!!
don't worry, most of the threads aren't this repetitive to read through

Hi there Daniel!


--- Quote from: Dswxmagic on August 09, 2023, 09:00:58 pm ---Hello!
My real name is Daniel, I have a lot of hobbies.  I studied Atmospheric Sciences for 3 years, but ended up on a different path as a magician and eventually back into business administration to go into consulting, hence the wx for weather and magic for magic in my user name.   

I have always had a fascination with being nude in nature, my first experience was as a teen when I skinny dipped in the creek in my home town.  I’ve had a few skinny dipping experiences over the year, then this summer I saw an exhibit at a contemporary arts center with two men nude in nature and my whole soul yearned to experience that.   I have some woods in my backyard, and had heard a friend talk about going on nude hikes, so I decided to start going out into the woods naked.  It was the most spiritual, connecting experience I had ever had.   I now go out there at least once a week for a couple hours at a time.    Last week I decided to try to connect more with the naturist community and check out a resort.  I went to Cedar Trails in Ohio, and absolutely loved it.   I camped overnight and my anxiety was completely gone.

Something about being exposed in nature is extremely healing for me.   I feel completely and totally connected.   I wanted to join this community so I could connect more, and explore the naturist community a little more.   This is definitely something I will be continuing for the rest of my life. 

I currently live in Northern Kentucky in the United States, but am originally from Utah.   I enjoy foraging, cooking, performing magic tricks, reading, and learning.  I’m always trying new experiences and trying to learn new things.   I am in the LGBTQ community, married, but he isn’t a naturist, and have a pet dog.   

I’m excited to be a part of this community, looking forward to contributing and possibly making some new friends as I continue to explore this new spiritual side of mine. 

Thanks for accepting me into the group.

Daniel S

--- End quote ---

Welcome to the fórum Daniel

Thank you everyone!!

Hello and welcome!


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