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Thoughts on Steelbooks?

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So I bought a PS5 last year after working my ass off at a summer job. It was my first ever console that I actually bought with my own money and could say belonged solely to me. Once I started buying games, I found myself attracted to the idea of starting a game collection, specifically one of physical editions of games since I thought the switch to digital copies was super lame. Once I started getting digital copies, I started looking for steelbooks because I thought they added another layer of specialty to my collection, and generally had more minimalist artwork that I loved.

I even began to seek out custom steelbooks online for games that didn’t come out with one. I even spent 100$ on the FF15 deluxe edition just for the (absolutely beautiful) steelbooks. I wanted to know if anyone else had this intense desire to collect steelbooks? I’ve had other people call it dumb and a waste of time, but I wanted to get your opinions on it.


I don't wanna collect 'em, but they're cool.

They are cool and if i can buy one i will do it but i don't search specifically for them.

I think I got one or two as a kid, but I don't care much about them. If anything, they make the game look out-of-place on my tv shelf because now the case does not match with the other games 😛

But if you are into collecting them, they definitely are a bit more special than the normal cases.

Think steelbooks are great.
Bought the steelbook blu ray of John Wick 4 a few weeks ago :).

Just collect what you like and think is cool, not what some other people think is cool ;).


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