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What video game item would you bring into real life?

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Pov: the zombie apocalypse is coming!!! And you, you are the one responsible far saving it.

And you may bring one item from a video game, as example a blue shell from Mario Cart, or a diamond sword from Minecraft.

What would you bring and how would you use it to save the world?

Part 2

What about an it that will just make your life better?

What would you bring into life, just to ease your life, for fun?

Darth Vader's light saber. You could literally cut off bodies in half with a swing of your hand. You could be the ultimate zombie killer

the physics gun from half life. if it had no restrictions in real life you could use it to pretty much do anything

Solid Snake's bandana from metal gear solid.  Infinite ammo.  😜 very useful.  Will have to give some thought on part 2.

Extra lives


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