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Pokémon Exhibition


Hi I have a gant big please to all users from the Netherlands. It's about the Pokémon exhibition in Vincent van Gogh Museum. When you go to the exhibition, you can do a kind of task with a few questions. But the special thing is that you get a very special pikatchu card as a reward. This card is sold on Ebay at inhuman prices. Since I come from Germany and would have about 5h journey, this is unfortunately too far away and would be completely absurd to go to Amsterdam only because of it. All those who come from the Netherlands or Amsterdam and can help, please get in touch. I will pay you a reward and possibly other costs. We can discuss the details by PN.

With kind regards

I'm going and so are friends of mine, but everyone just wants to collect the card for their own collection... not too interested in reselling it.

ok thank you maybe another user can help me :)

I'm on the wrong side of the world, but that sounds awesome


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