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Hello everyone,

I am Registered since over 10 years but not really active. Shame on me.
I was hoping to gain New contacts for some Events or Meeting friends in RL.
But unfortunately it was really empty here or is still really empty here for Meeting New ppl.
So i gave up. Now I try to be active again. See what happens.
I think i forgot my Indroduce back then.
Please Call me like my Nickname. Im 34 now. I like going to the Sauna or lakes and beaches. Fortunately the Nudism Scene in Germany is spread well here. Would like try nude beaches in other countries like NL or France. But unfortunately i still have no friends in RL to do nude activities and it is Boring to be alone with nudism.
It started like when I was 18. I like the feeling beeing nude, the fresh air on your body and the friendly community of Nudists. No wet and sticky clothes after beeing in the water.

Welcome back!


Welcome back to the forum! :)

Welcome back, there seem to be a few people from Germany here so hopefully you’ll find someone local enough.


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