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Any fellow 3d printing enthusiasts?

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Anyone here own / build 3d printers? I had a CR6-SE (that I sold this morning) and still own a Bambu P1S. Looking at building some sort of voron 0, or some sort of small secondary printer that's also enclosed. Aiming for 180mm3 / coreXY

I have a Prusa Mini and do print fairly regularly


--- Quote from: wannabe-Nudist on November 05, 2023, 10:55:36 am ---I have a Prusa Mini and do print fairly regularly

--- End quote ---

You get the new update that added input shaping? It should make it much faster

Prusa i3 MK3S+. Kinda jealous of MK4 owners with their easier bed and nozzle swaps, but not eager to spend hundreds more on a printer. The MK3S+ was a great update over my old Ender 3 already.

Yes I love 3D printing. As a creative individual it's an amazing tool.

I use a prusa mini mostly, and ultimaker 2+ sometimes. The prusa is absolutely amazing.


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