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--- Quote from: frehm92 on January 13, 2024, 08:14:44 am ---Welcome, you live in the right country to start exploring the world of Naturism (FKK)

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Hi, yes, I guess, it is much easier here, as in many other countries. But we have the same problem here, as probably everywhere: The younger generation is missing

hi welcome


--- Quote from: wiener on January 09, 2024, 01:19:37 pm ---Welcome!
Near Mannheim you have a nice spa: Miramar Weinheim where there are regular naturist evenings when you can use all pools and most of water slides too without swimwear. Have you been there yet?
I visited it a few times and liked it, unfortunately it's quite far away from Vienna.

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So, now I've been to the Miramar and I have to say that I was disappointed and for me personally it's not worth the money. Apart from the warm outdoor brine pool in the sauna area, there is nothing there that I would miss in other (cheaper) saunas. But I wouldn't go there again without a voucher just because of this pool and I certainly wouldn't be any happier on a long sauna night because I found it too crowded on a normal Saturday.
And the worst thing: It is very clearly written at the sauna entrance that it is a nudist area (FKK). Nevertheless, most people were very bashful and walked around in bathrobes and wrapped in towels. Some even wore bathing suits, which was ignored by the staff. The shame of the others also made me (as a nudist beginner) feel uncomfortable and I mostly held my towel so that I wasn't completely exposed.


Hey! Welcome! :)


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