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What happened to Dan Carlson - "The Meandering Naturist"?


When I started to get serious about naturism last year, I came across Daniel Carlson's blog -

What I found unfortunate was that the original blog was just an archive and he has moved to a blog platform where most articles require a paid membership. I understand that writing such articles and running a blog costs money, but I am not willing to pay for a membership on a blog platform. I would rather donate some money directly to an author to help them think about his expenses. But that's just as an aside...

I was very surprised and also a little shocked when suddenly, from one day to the next, all his content disappeared. At least I didn't see any announcement about it.
Does anyone know anything about this or perhaps even know him personally?

In any case, I think it's a great shame that he has disappeared, because he wrote a lot about naturism all over the world. You could learn a lot from him.

Oh interesting. I’m not familiar with the name but it is a shame that he’s disappeared

Huh. Yeah, at least that URL… is now completely deleted. Anyone know anything?


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