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Hello! ✌️

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Hello, I’m from Mexico, I’m 15 years old and I’m new to nudism. It may be obvious from my username but I love the furry community lol. I’ll prefer to not say my real name so you can call me John.

I like listening to music and programming.

I hope to learn new things, new experiences from this community and meet new people.

Thanks. :)

Hi and a big  :welcome3 to our community,

I do hope that you will enjoy your stay here and hopefully you will learn something you never knew about the nudist/naturist lifestyle. There are lots different and posts to explore so there is bound to be something here for you to get involved with.

If you should have any problems or questions please refer to this handy FAQ;

Anything that you should need answering can be found in there. If you are still in doubt don't hesitate to contact one of our brilliant moderator team and I'm sure they will be glad to assist.

Enough chat, have fun, get involved and welcome once again to this thriving community!


What animal are you

Welcome to the forum John :)

Hi John welcome


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