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Hoffnounment: The Future of IYNO and The Hoff

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Hello everyone

It's great sadness to announce our long time partnership with The Hoff has come to an end. It may be the lack of payment from us and Stripe Media but he's been phoning it in or not showing at all these last couple of years. His agents didn't bother to contact us this year but we couldn't celebrate without him so we contacted them turns out they have another Hoff on their books. the minister president of Saxony-Anhalt, Reiner Haseloff we tried to correct them but it was too late I got this in the spam folder

Sadly this Hoff isn't doing any better. So let's remember better Hoff days and look towards the future

What's that future you may ask? Well we had interest from...

FR David

Modern Talking

Maybe we'll try and move away the 80's and see if Moby might be interested

The other part of the future is moving to the fediverse as this may be easier than upgrading the forum to next version of SMF

See you all in the fediverse

Mastodon may or not have offered this solution to us

April Fools?

Hey wait a minute, that's not a Hoff, that's Scatman John!

The booking situation was really confusing. We asked for Hasselhoff, they got us Haseloff. I even tried to get them to correct it, butbut apparently they took it to mean a change in venue:

blank radar:
this may just be the most important change in this forum's history since at least march 31, 2023


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