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I had this link come to me today and wanted to share it in Pittis section.   I haven't had a great deal of time to read through it, but perhaps it is something that some might enjoy.  Its Naturist Fiction stories and the introduction page says this:

Welcome to the Naturist Fiction Archive

This site is a non-profit repository of non-erotic nudist fiction online stories. There is a lot of erotic story archives featuring naturism in a non-realistic way, this site is there for real nudist stories to find their own permanent home on the web.

You can read more about the purpose of this site on the introduction page. You can also read Short Stories and longer Stories including the famous story of How Kristen Spent Her Summer Vacation which is republished with the permissions of the author as well as Stefany Conners' naturist diary, which is now for the first time prefaced by the real original author who admits it was entirely fictional.

You should also take a look as some nudist stories written specifically for this website, such as some of our short stories, the Catherine Reynolds series and the serial which used to be published every Monday morning, Mark and Jenny.

Interesting link. Thanks Danee  :624

Some quite interesting stories on there including a lot on peoples perception on first public nudity experiences.

Thanks Danee

I don’t know if anyone has posted this yet, but I thought this site was pretty cool. <my favorite read, so far, is a novel titled "How Kristen spent her summer".

Why dont we create a contest or an area for fiction Naturists stories ?


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