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Hello fellow naturists, you wonderful people! I’ve been a naturist since my teens, but really began embracing the lifestyle over the past few years. I’ve been to a couple of clubs/ naturist friendly venues and have enjoyed them for the most part.

I’ve found the age differences at these clubs to be more challenging to deal with sometimes than I had hoped. So I’m excited to have found a group around my own age here! I look forward to getting to know you all.

Feel free to ask any questions and thanks for having me aboard. (It’s a nice birthday present to be introducing myself today!)

Hi welcome and happy birthday

Shiden Kai San:
Welcome!   Glad you've already been able to experience a few naturist destinations!

You know, it's weird.  When I was your age, I actually had a much easier time socializing with strangers at resorts.  The people saw a new face, noted my youth, and would go out of their way to say hello and to make me feel welcomed.   Now?  Nobody says a word unless I do first. haha.

Anyway, hopefully you make friends around your own age group while here! 

Hi welcome to the forum

Welcome, and happy birthday!


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