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Paris Roubaix 2010


Just watching the live broadcast of the I never knew that there was so much road laid with cobblestone! Tough work for the teams. I love the footage of the regions they are cycling through. Anyone else into it?

If I'm into it?

I just came back from the race! What a conquest! Cancellara is really putting his name among the true greats in cycling!

Great to hear. Yeah Cancellara is a fine racer. The commentators said that part of the TDF will be on some of that cobblestone this year, so that should be interesting to watch them. Which part of the race were you at? Did you move around to see a few sections?

Yeah, I was at the ForĂȘt, where Cancellara more or less escaped, and at the Velodrome at the end.

ahh the famous velodrome that the local authorities want to close? Sounds like you had a great day.


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