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SunnyDay....An excellent site with brilliant stories

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Check this site out. SunnyDay is now 29, a wife, mother and still a brilliant writer. The site has been running for about ten years with stories about her life and experiences with naturism and friendships. I recommend you read the stories from the start (back in 2000 at the bottom of the page). I first found this site about 8 years ago and loved reading the new chapters.

Thanks for the link. I just took a look and enjoyed reading few of the stories.


SunnyDay's web site is actually what inspired me to give naturism a try a few years back.  I had been following her stories for a while and enjoyed all of them, especially the story of her first time to a nude beach.  She made it seem like a very natural and positive thing, and eventually I decided I wanted to experience that for myself.  So, not long after that I planned my first nude beach trip.  It's great that she continues to write stories and maintain her site all these years later.

sunnyday does actually have some great writings

The weblink is expired.


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