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God of War 3
« on: April 13, 2010, 09:56:46 pm »
So I’m trying to do more game reviews. The only drawback is that I will only review a game that I have finished, that way I don’t make premature statements. Unfortunately I can’t beat a game within a day (most of the time) so reviews of newer games will come at a slower pace and reviews of older games (still just as good) will be done at a much faster pace.

So for today I’ll talk about the ending to one of the most brutal, but well loved franchises- God of War 3.

So I guess the first thing to discuss in this game is the story. I would guess that most people who are picking this up know the story, but for those that don’t here is a brief recap. You are the protagonist, Kratos, who for lack of a better phrase, is pissed the hell off. You have good reason to be, because as many gamers found out in the first game, you, after giving your life to Aries, the God of War, were tricked by said god into killing your wife and daughter. Well this starts you on a rampage where you set out to kill Aries. You gain help from other gods who are not found of Aries and eventually kill him. You would think that would be it, but as story would have it, it’s not that simple. After exacting your revenge you set off to kill yourself, the only way to release yourself from your own guilt and torment. Fair enough, until the gods of Olympus decided that there is a vacant seat, and the only one angry and mean enough to fill it is of course you. Well you could not be more pissed, and so set out to kill the head honcho who won’t let you go, Zeus (your dad btw).  You almost succeed until he pulls some shady king of gods magic. So what do you do? You go back in time of course, release the Titans and wage war on the gods of Olympus. This is where GoW 3 begins.

The story in 3 is just as amazing as it was in the first two. Not to mention it’s pretty accurate, despite obvious changes to make it fit the gaming world. For example the Persephone is still the wife of Hades, and Cerberus is still the watcher of the underworld. They did a great job of infusing actual Greek myth with a compelling storyline. Even when you know what is going to happen, you want to see and experience it. It’s one of those stories that make you glad to be playing the game. Not wanting to give too much away, all I can say is you are on a warpath. You have all intentions of killing Zeus, and you will kill any person, god, or any other worldly being who choose to stand in your way.

Kratos is well designed again, and you really feel the angst and chaos inside him. After a while you’re insides Kratos’ head and that makes the game all the more enjoyable. His vendetta becomes your vendetta, and you set out to destroy anyone that stands in your way. Each button press and action sequence is an adrenaline rush, as you become the only man to kill a god.

As far as the genre specifics go, GoW defines the action platformer genre. Even though it is technically defined as an action game (with great reason), there is a fair amount of platforming that needs to be done in order to access areas. The games combines this and action gaming well as your hands will hurt after all the button mashing you’ll be doing to fend yourself against the hordes of enemies that are constantly being flung at you.

One of the best features of the game is the graphics. I doubt my words can do them justice, but let me tell you, they are stunning. Each area you inhabit is super detailed, and  the game is always beautiful to watch, even when you’re gutting a centaur or stabbing a minotaur in the throat.

Probably the most drawing feature of the game is its ability to make you feel as if you’re in the time of the ancient Greeks, and that the gods are really alive and just as pissed at you as you are of them. It makes you feel like Kratos climbing mount Olympus with the titans. The atmosphere created is as inviting as it is haunting.

The controls are damn near flawless. There are times when control all the action is frustrating and kratos may accidentally starting auto targeting an enemy you didn’t want to hit yet. Most of the time though, you will have no problem basing in the heads of your enemies. Getting into a fight is simple, and the combos are varied. Weapons can even be switched mid combo for some pretty cool moves. The control scheme of this game is as good as it’s always been.

For everything the game does well there are some things about it I found frustrating. For one, the weapons are not as unique as before. Some of the weapons ultimately feel like your blades of chaos, with slight variations. It makes it seem like they could be cut out and the experience with the game would be the same. Another thing was lack of cues. At some points the game never tells you that you can just stop pressing the button and the scene will end. A little confusing since they lay out everything else so well. My biggest complaint is the length. The game will probably take around 10 hours for most, but there is an optional challenge mode which is fun. You can also replay the game with your found relics in order to go through the game again with infinite magic or a different costume. Those things aren’t necessarily for me, but I know others will enjoy them.

I highly recommend anyone who owns a PS3 to go pick this up. You will have no regrets with this purchase.

Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
Controls 9.5/10
Gameplay 8.8/10
Overall 9/10


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Re: God of War 3
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2010, 02:09:56 pm »
wow that's a brilliant review worthy of any professional gamer site. Thanks for the detail! Well done Ace. Kinda makes me want to get a PS3 just to play it. :)


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Re: God of War 3
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2010, 03:12:43 pm »
Cool, sounds like a must buy, i thibnk i will get it just from your reveiw.