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The Naturist Resort of Vera Playa Spain

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The Costa Almeria naturist resort of Vera Playa gets its name from the town of Vera, located a little inland from the resort, located in the autonomous region of Andalucia, Spain. One of the largest naturist resorts in Europe, it is unique in that there are no restrictions or barriers between it and the outside world. Naturism is embraced here, and a large majority (some 80%) of the properties on the resort are Spanish owned, showing that the Spanish themselves have accepted the naturist lifestyle that is encouraged in Vera Playa.

Attracting naturists from all over the world, Vera Playa has a fabulous sandy beach, which extends for around four kilometres on a section of Spain’s most unspoilt coastline, between Villaricos and Puerto del Rey.

Vera Playa has its own Four Star Hotel, run by Playa Hoteles, the hotel offers 270 rooms, including studios and apartments. There also some camping facilities in Vera Playa and these are exclusively for naturists, and situated just behind the beach area.

Other facilities in Vera Playa include a good choice of bars and restaurants, supermarkets and shops, and evening entertainment. A dozen or so apartment complexes offer a large number of privately owned properties for rent, should this be your chosen form of accommodation.

Apart from enjoying the beach facilities and weather that Vera Playa enjoys, there are some interesting towns and villages that are well worth visiting during your stay in the resort. These include the town of Vera (from which Playa Vera gets its name), the attractive fishing village of Garrucha (famous for its fish restaurants), and the hilltop town of Mojacar with its many interesting historical buildings and charming old quarter to explore.


That would be so amesome to visit

Luke M:
Has anyone been there? I really want to visit.


--- Quote from: Luke M on May 04, 2010, 02:53:30 pm ---Has anyone been there? I really want to visit.

--- End quote ---
I was there at the beginning of October this year, sadly only for 2 day visits, but plan to have a week there next year, staying in one of the apartments in the naturist Zone / Village..

I can honestly say, it is all and if not more as the article Danee posted states..

Really lovely area..

We have been there 3 times, and although the hotel is a bit more expensive than other places like apartamente, I have to tell you that is a great resort. And, of course, Almería in general and its natural park is an awesome place to practise nudism.


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