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The Naturist Resort of Vera Playa Spain

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I've never been to Vera!!  :shocked: I'd like to visit this place, I always go to Alicante beaches or El Portus in Cartagena, it's time to change and discovering new places  :grin:

Maybe I'll join too:)
Did you read reviews about it? Do you think it's similar to Valalta? Like animation programs, sport possibilities, etc.? :)

Thought I would jump in as my wife and I spent a few nights in Vera during our trip through Europe this past summer (and, since we've been to Valalta, might be able to talk about the differences between them).

We were there a bit before peak season, so a lot was still closed.  The naturist section is relatively big (you can find maps online) and there are around 4 restaurants that you can eat at nude and a few bars as well.  Grocery store, other restaurants, etc. are all relatively conveniently located outside the naturist zone.

As far as entertainment, etc., I think it depends a lot on which urbanizacion you stay in.  We rented an apartment via AirBNB, and were one of only 4 couples staying in the complex (which had about 20 units). Some of the other complexes near the beach seemed to be much busier.  If you are looking for entertainment, etc., these would be better choices. Or try the hotel (blanking on name but quick google search will lead you to it).

While it was overall a fun experience (definitely relaxing in the middle of a month long trip), I'm not sure I would go back outside of peak season as a) it's a bit of pain to get to (no trains, we didn't have a car, multiple buses to get there from Granada) and b) isn't as much a resort as just a naturist section of town.

We much preferred the feel of Valalta as that resort was much more expansive, variety of places to walk, things to see.  Regardless, I don't think you'll be disappointed by Vera, just keep your expectations of a sleepy beach city in mind.

If anyone has any specific questions, feel free to ask and I'll try to answer as I can.


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