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Super Street Fighter IV


Anyone else pick up this gem of a game? I rarely buy games brand new and rarely use Xbox Live so if anybody wants to fight my GT is ChChChChopper.

Needless to say this game validated the fact that I'll forever be awful at fighting games.

I've been playing Street Fighter games pretty much since they first came out. I'm still no good at them, either. I used to be only decent at the Alpha series (Alpha 3 in particular), and the Vs. series of games (although they're not based on Street Fighter gameplay mechanics), but even then I still play rather cheaply, heh.

I'm waiting for my sister's boyfriend to get Super Street Fighter IV. Hopefully the new characters and the new online gameplay modes will encourage the people who play online to not just 'play it safe' and opt for one of the Ryu/Ken/Akuma trinity this time around.

That said, I'm still trying to get used to the feel of the Street Fighter IV series in general. It seems to be a bit looser and more forgiving control-wise than previous Street Fighter games. Despite this, I'm finding that combos are harder to time correctly than in previous games - and some combos that worked in previous games no longer work now. I think the previous games' mechanics were more my style (fast and furious), although I suppose it's just a matter of playing this game more to get used to the slower, more tactical style of play. I've never really been much of a strategist or tactician, anyway, which is probably why I suck at Street Fighter IV, and probably will still suck at Super Street Fighter IV.

(By the way, I think - just as a way of making this forum a little cleaner - the "Video Game Reviews" section should just become a general "Video Games" section, instead of specifically for reviews. Then posts about games could just all go in there, and other things like tech support and technology discussions could stay in the main forum. With that said, though, has there really been much discussion on video games or computer games in general in this forum? It's just a random thought I had, anyway...)

I think that's why I'm enjoying SSFIV more than the previous games in the series. Making one mistake won't cost you a match and even characters like Zangief are easier to play and get a feel of. Sadly, most of my online matches are against the Ryu/Ken/Akuma trinity with a random Dudley, Vega, and Juri thrown in every once in a while.


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