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Hi.  This project is need of a new moderator for a new board we wish to create.  The person who gets the job, will be versed in tech to a point and have duty of helping people with issues and giving suggestions to help them out on any matter concernng Tech subjects. If they do not know the answer, they will go out and find them or at least find sources.  

Further, it would be good if the person was into gaming to an extent as well.  This board will be primarily dealing with tech subjects, from photoshop or PC issues to Macs but other areas of expertise will be a bonus as well.

We must have this in place before going public next week, so if we do not get interest, then we will go outside the community here and enlist support for the Mod job.

Interested members, please respond to


**Note*** This, as in all moderator jobs, is an ongoing situation and you will be a part of the entire team and you MUST be willing to be active and take care of your section, or appoint a sub-moderator to assist in your absence. It has to be taken care of. Thanks!



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