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There was a topic here somewhere about diving, Seems to have fallen off the map. Anyway, for all you Scuba fans out here here's some info on diving nude from

--- Quote ---Enjoy the Tranquil and Natural Freedom of Naked Scuba Diving

Do you enjoy the tranquil and natural freedom of naked scuba diving? So do thousands of others and that is the reason the naked scuba diving clubs are increasing in popularity. Scuba diving is a wonderful water sport however doing it in the nude is incredibly enlivening as you allow the warm ocean waters to embrace your skin.

Interestingly enough, naked scuba diving is also in some waters much safer then using a wet suit. In fact there are many subtropical plus tropical diving ocean water locations that have issues with a nasty little stinging vermin called sea lice that can become trapped under attire. Because of the fact that sea lice do not hold on to your naked skin, means that you can freely scuba dive naked and never worry. Of course if you have a lot of body hair, it is highly recommended that you shave.


A surprising bonus of participating in the activity of naked scuba diving is that it also allows the diver to awaken to the undersea surroundings that encourages increased diving skills. An example is the rugged and sharp rocks, coral and cliffs that can snag and damage expensive scuba diving gear When you are actually feeling your surroundings directly on your skin, you awaken your senses and awareness which enforces a higher level of caution for your surroundings.


Of course to say that there are no risks associated with naked scuba diving would be a lie. As you might guess any male diver wants to avoid feeding fish as they are not always able to distinguish the difference between the male appendage and a nice morsel of food. So obviously it is important to be cautious of your surroundings while scuba diving in the nude or a small bathing suit.


If you are seriously interested in trying out the invigorating activity of naked scuba diving here are a few choice locations you may want to consider…


- Sorobon Beach Resort


Dominican Republic
- Hispaniola (Eden Bay Resort)


St. Maarten – Orient Beach French


- Cozumel – San Francisco Beach
- Yucatan, Mayan Corridor – Playa Del Carman
- St. Barts


- Nassau (Breezes)
- Cat Island (Cutlass Bay)


- Key Largo (Jules Undersea Lodge)


- Runaway Beach (Breezes)
- Braco (Grand Lido)
- Nigro (Grand Lido)


- Half Moon Bay
- West End Bay


- Hawksbill
--- End quote ---

going scuba diving is on my bucket list


Here is another suggestion.  Truk Lagoon, in Micronesia.  I was there as peace corps volunteer and worked with state department of marine resources.  Scuba DIving is awsome there.  That said while peace corps, we did do a naked dive.  Also on occasion, there has been nudists who gone and done nude scuba diving.  As side note the remote islands outside of the lagoon are very traditional and still go around topless.


I was wondering if we have some active scuba divers or free divers or any-kind of people who love the underworld, here on forum? I was thinking on refreshing this topic.. :) There are many wonders of underworld we can discus, many photos we can share, we can even help each other with some advice about the gear.. . I am really asking myself how could this beautiful place be forgotten? :) Come on divers, don't be shy..

I have never scuba dived - au natural or with a suit -- but have snorkled a lot in many places and hated leaving the water each and every time. My family has been to several Caribbean islands and it was there that I really got into it.  Other places I have snorkled are Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Hawaii, and a side trip to the Great Barrier reef no less on a trip there with a girlfriend several years ago.  At times skinny, sometimes simply topfree and sometimes when not appropriate, with a suit.  Underwater naturism has always been some of my favorite photography.


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