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Playing sport naked

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No one going for American Football? Especially in the quarterback position?

V-ball is the extent of my nude sports activity. I would also throw out for discussion nude runs and yoga..

I'd like to try volleyball out. It seems the safest lol.

I done following sports nude: Running(Bare Buns 5k Run), Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, water polo, surfing(once) soccer and ultimate Frisbee.  I also done nude scuba diving if you consider that to be a sport, and biking.  I also forgot strip poker.  Also in college I also paid game we kind of made up called strip chess.  Its weird to found out that independantly others have come up with simular.

Sports that I wouldnt mind playing nude but havent would include Greco Roman Style wresling, baseball, minuture golf(prefer it over regular golf)), and Advanced Dungens and Dragons

I do nude jogging.
Sport shoes only :)


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