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Naturism in Spain (website with listings and worthwhile general information)

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I found a website with extensive information on beaches, clubs and resorts in Spain:

home page translated to English:
Our Favorite Nudist Beaches

for Spanish, French or Portuguese:

It may be an advertising-based commercial site, but it appears legitimate and very informative.

The site also has a few very interesting items in a section semi-translated as "Subjects Monogr√°ficos" (i.e. written works focusing on a particular subject.) That section includes a web book, Documents on Naturism, with chapters on social attitudes toward naturism, the history of naturism in Spain, etc.

I suspect a lot of the material is lifted from elsewhere, but it is convenient to have it assembled and presented in an organized manner.

Looks interesting, thanks for the link Brandon

Good link ! Spain is a great place for naturism!

this is a great link, i also found other links from this that were very interesting too, thanks :)

Thanks Brendan, I'm just about to move to Spain from Melbourne Australia and would like to get my girlfriend to try naturism with me.

She is warming to the idea, but more of a willing participant father afield from home. I think Croatia will be a great first step and introduction with the beautiful beaches. But I'll be sure to utilise your resource over time.



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